Frontline Manufacturing moves to new plant

Defence Connect | Louis Dillon

Frontline Manufacturing has completed its move to a new defence-orientated metal fabrication facility, which is four times the size of its previous premises.

The company said that the new Meadowbrook site has seen the commissioning of major new equipment such as a Gemini Hi Def Plasma with a 3-metre x 14-metre cutting bed and fully integrated machining, which allows for further “expansion” into supplying heavy metal structures for major defence projects.

Utilising a Queensland government Small Business Grant to fund a professional factory planning specialist firm, Frontline was able to base their layout on lean manufacturing and industrial engineering principles, including modular welding bays that quickly scale up depending on the project size.

“With the expectations and ambitions the overseas primes bring to their Australian projects, we didn’t feel we could wait until we ‘won’ the work before taking the steps required to do the work,” Daniel Green, director of Frontline, said.

“Rather, in consultation with our customers and potential customers, we have made our best assessment of what the company needs to be able to deliver to support them, and then executed accordingly. It’s been a huge undertaking, but it is exactly what we believe is expected of companies such as ours to realise the opportunities provided by the Commonwealth under the DCIP.”

“The whole build, commissioning and move has been so hectic, that it’ll be nice to take a moment to let it all sink in. Then it’ll be back to work of course and the real excitement (and challenges!) will begin.”

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