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Aluminium Fabrication Brisbane is one of the many services that Frontline Manufacturing, a world-renowned metal works solutions supplier, is pleased to provide in Brisbane, Australia. Among our many satisfied customers are medical, aerospace, automotive, and research companies, which rely on Frontline Manufacturing for their aluminium fabrication needs. Our cutting-edge fabrication processes, lightning-fast turnaround times, and unwavering commitment to quality set us apart as one of the leading aluminium fabricators in Brisbane.

Expert Aluminium Fabrication Brisbane

Our Aluminium Fabrication Brisbane services are of the highest quality and provide individualised solutions to a variety of sectors. We provide high-quality aluminium products adapted to individual specifications, including precise cutting, welding and finishing touches. The fabrication of aluminium and sheet metal is something Frontline Manufacturing offers to customers in Brisbane as well as those from anywhere else around the country.

Welding and fabrication skills are used by a significant number of our clients who are exporters. As a result, our products may be found in some of the most challenging environments, such as deep mines and war zones. With our extensive background in metal fabrication and welding, we can provide you with the ideal solutions for your project, regardless of the material. Our expertise ranges from working with small gauge sheet metal to heavy plate fabrication. Here are some benefits of Aluminium Fabrication Brisbane:

  • Aluminium is a lightweight material priced lower than steel and more durable than wood or glass. Aluminium is also more inexpensive than steel
  • Aluminium is also resistant to corrosion; it does not rust or decay, and the only thing that may cause it to be destroyed is tremendous power
  • The fact that it can be designed to complement almost any aesthetic, that it is appropriate for any kind of terrain, and that it offers substantially higher levels of protection than glass or chain-link barriers
  • The fact that aluminium can be recycled indefinitely makes it one of the most environmentally friendly options for construction materials that are currently accessible
  • It is important to note that the colour of your aluminium product will be preserved for a considerable amount of time immediately after applying a protective finish
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Certified Aluminium Fabrication Services Brisbane

Aluminium Fabrication Brisbane services for steel and aluminium are vital areas of expertise for Frontline Manufacturing. Our professional artisans are committed to providing dependable, high-quality, and individualised solutions designed to meet your requirements for waterfront living. Our fabrication services adhere to the highest quality standards, guaranteeing that every project is durable and precise. This is true regardless of whether the fabricated material is steel or aluminium. If you are looking for superior fabrication services, contact Frontline Manufacturing right now. We will help you boost your waterfront with quality.

The construction, manufacturing, and other vital industries can significantly benefit from Aluminium Fabrication Brisbane. As a result, aluminium opens a lot more possibilities for your ideas. Frontline Manufacturing is here to assist you with any project for metal components. Feel free to contact us at any time if you need metal fabrication.

Laser Cutting


We operate 3 laser cutters, from the highly accurate and excellent edge quality of our 1.5x3m Amadas, to our super large format 3mx6m Panasonic.

Brake Pressing

Pressed components have been our specialty since 1996, and we have expanded our capability by adding 3 brake presses, the largest 1500 tonne with camera-guided angle correction

sq frabrication


From complex multi axis milling to low cost repetitive bar-fed turning, machining is how we started and remains our passion.


We are certified to some of the highest standards in our industry, including ISO383.2 and DIN2303 Q2. We fabricate from precise sheet metal for aerospace to heavy underground mining equipment and everything in between, from manual to robotic.

Why Choose Frontline Manufacturing

Higher Quality

The standard of our tradespeople, our procedures, and our machines means we can provide the best cut finish in the market

Better Reliability

We won’t always have the shortest turn arounds (we often will though!) – it’s that we put a high value on our word and do what we say we will do

Value for Money

In a competitive environment, we help you make every dollar of expenditure go as far as it can to give you the best possible result

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