Frontline Manufacturing offers a full component machining service in all types of materials and batch sizes. Our focus on quality, cost and delivery make us a worthwhile consideration for supplying your business. We have years of experience in our industry that will provide you with manufacturing ideas to save you time and money.

Repetition & Quality

Using Mazak technology, we facilitate low, medium and high volume 2D and full 3D machining with pin-point accuracy. Along with this we maintain strict quality control procedures to ensure you get a product of the highest standards. Tooling lists and improved manufacturing programs and procedures are tracked and stored on our database system.In most materials we are able to work to tolerances of +/- 0.025mm. For ongoing jobs we create detailed product drawings to ensure your parts are made correctly every time.

Materials. Think outside the box

We provide a lot more material options than just the steel varieties. Perhaps you need a Nylon washer, a Brass sleeve or an Aluminium component. We machine a wide variety of plastics, ferrous, non-ferrous and alloy materials in both turning and milling operations. All material options are also supported by our tight tolerances.

Technical & Physical Abilities

At Frontline Manufacturing our technical abilities are two-fold. Firstly, we incorporate the ongoing investment in equipment and tooling with continual training of our Tradesmen and Apprentices.  It is important that we can offer our customers the latest techniques and tooling systems to maintain global competiveness. Our diverse range of 7 CNC lathes and mills offer both vertical and horizontal machining as well as combined milling and turning capabilities.


23 Westgate St, Wacol Qld 4076
Tel : (07) 3805 8629

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