Frontline Manufacturing: Solution for Metal Fabrication in Brisbane

Brisbane is a developing industrial city in Australia that is outsourcing its business in various fields. Frontline manufacturing is one of the leading metal industries in Brisbane that offer solutions to different forms of metal fabrication. Frontline fabrication allows clients to customize the metal fabrication and obtain the desired product. 

The years of experience and customer service have brought the Frontline Manufacturing company to establish a reputed position in industrial accommodation. The company focuses on a high production rate with advanced and robotic machinery. Frontline manufacturing has been serving in the metal fabrication industry since 1996 and got certification from GRS and the International Institute of Welding. 

Find Out the Top Metal Fabrication Services Offered By Frontline Manufacturing

The Frontline manufacturing company has multiple tools and machines for metal fabrication. Find out the different services you can enjoy with Frontline Manufacturing company. 

1. Custom Metal Fabrication

In Frontline Manufacturing, you can customize your metal fabrication according to your requirement. The company has advanced robotic tools and machinery that can precisely fabricate your product of any size and shape. Frontline Manufacturing provides the best metals of different lengths and densities so that clients can choose their desired size for the product if they need them.

2. CNC Machines

The Frontline Manufacturing company uses computer numerical control (CNC) technology for precision metal fabrication. CNC machines are used for cutting and fabricating metal pieces with accurate sizes to fit correctly. Mostly metal fabrication techniques are not accurate in optimizing the final product, but in Frontline manufacturing, the CNC machines do that for you.

3. Metal Sheet Brake Pressing 

Frontline Manufacturing has the biggest assembly of Break Pressing machines of 1500 tons with the biggest break of 6.1 m. All the machines have a high-resolution camera set at a perfect angle that accurately folds the metal. It is important to have the best metal folding equipment in the industry so that the metal’s dimensions and structure are not distorted. 

4. Robotic Welding

The Frontline Manufacturing company has advanced robotic technology in welding. The powerful robotic machines build any metal and high-tensile stainless steel with ease. When working with Frontline manufacturing, you don’t have to think of welding marks in the edges and the cause of the product. You will get the perfect product after welding and fabrication without any marks or distortion. 

5. Metal Finishing

Frontline Manufacturing understands the importance of projects and the needs of clients. Therefore their service does not disappoint you, and you will get the perfect final product with all the necessary coating and fabrication. Frontline Manufacturing has a different segment of wrapping up the final product where they put your product through galvanizing, coating, and painting. This process improves the durability and life of the metal products, and you don’t have to fear cracks and faults in the metal.


The developing industries focus on creating custom machinery to enhance product quality and production rate. Therefore in a custom machine, the regular-size metal pieces do not fit properly, so you need a professional and reliable company for metal fabrication. Frontline manufacturing is the best solution in metal fabrication with its advanced technology machinery and robotic components. You can customize your product at a very efficient price and with perfect configuration and quality. Hurry! Visit the official website of Frontline Manufacturing to check out their work.