CNC Laser Cutting Services in Brisbane

Frontline provides a full stand alone cutting service supporting the trade market. We offer fast turnarounds, competitive pricing and above all, exceptional quality.



Whilst we have plenty of capacity with 3 laser cutters – we are not your run-of-the-mill Brisbane laser cutter, doing massive volumes and long runs. Rather, Frontline Manufacturing specialises in ‘parts’. We treat all parts the same, whether they are a finished product touching each section of factory including laser cutting, folding, cnc, welding and painting – or in this case, just our laser cutters. We are the laser cutters you turn to in Brisbane when quality and reliability are paramount – always at a competitive price.

Laser Cutting

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CNC Laser Cutting Services In Brisbane

Frontline Manufacturing offers precision CNC Laser Cutting Services In Brisbane , delivering the optimal solutions for diverse industrial needs. Our advanced CNC Laser Cutting Services In Brisbane technology ensures exceptional accuracy and efficiency in metal fabrication and customisation. With a commitment to quality and precision, we deliver to varied specifications, providing reliable and precise cutting for different materials. Our Brisbane-based CNC Laser Cutting Services guarantee superior results, meeting client requirements with exactitude and efficiency. Trust Frontline Manufacturing for precise, high-quality CNC Laser Cutting solutions in Brisbane, provided to elevate your manufacturing processes. Experience efficiency, accuracy, and excellence with our cutting-edge services, enhancing and supporting your production capabilities.


With our 2 Amada Laser Cutters we can cut sheets up to 3000x1500x20mm, and with our recently installed Panasonic 6 KW Laser Cutter, we can now cut sheets up to 6000x3000x20mm. We are certified to cut high tensile material such as 20mm armour plate by the WTD – the Wehrtechnische Dienststelle in Germany. But we can also cut aluminium and stainless for whatever your particular project is. 

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Our Manufacturing Services include

Laser Cutting


We operate 3 laser cutters, from the highly accurate and excellent edge quality of our 1.5x3m Amadas, to our super large format 3mx6m Panasonic.

Brake Pressing

Pressed components have been our specialty since 1996, and we have expanded our capability by adding 3 brake presses, the largest 1500 tonne with camera-guided angle correction

sq frabrication


From complex multi axis milling to low cost repetitive bar-fed turning, machining is how we started and remains our passion.


We are certified to some of the highest standards in our industry, including ISO383.2 and DIN2303 Q2. We fabricate from precise sheet metal for aerospace to heavy underground mining equipment and everything in between, from manual to robotic.

Brisbane Laser Cutter

This is a process which uses a laser as a precise method of cutting a design from metal plates.  We can achieve a high level of detail (typical tolerance +/- 0.2mm) on a wide variety of steels – Mild, Stainless, nickel alloys. Laser does have a limit which is usually the thickness of the material; MS 20mm, SS 12mm etc

Why Choose Frontline Manufacturing

Higher Quality

The standard of our tradespeople, our procedures, and our machines means we can provide the best cut finish in the market

Better Reliability

We won’t always have the shortest turn arounds (we often will though!) – it’s that we put a high value on our word and do what we say we will do

Value for Money

In a competitive environment, we help you make every dollar of expenditure go as far as it can to give you the best possible result

Frontline manufacturing


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Frontline Manufacturing provides the best CNC laser cutting services Brisbane

Frontline is the leading laser cutting services provider in Brisbane due to our quality, reliability and value. Whilst we perform metal laser cutting as part of our turnkey metal fabrication process, we also provide laser cutting as a stand alone capability.

Amada are regarded as making the best laser cutting machinery in Brisbane and worldwide. Our machines are capable of steel laser cutting, aluminum laser cutting stainless laser cutting – even armour plate laser cutting. And that which is too thick for our CNC laser cutting machines, we can cut on our waterjet cutter. 

When it comes to complex metal fabrication, including specialist laser cutting, we are the industry experts in Brisbane. We have the experience in manufacturing, to avoid the pitfalls and ensure your project is a success. We work to extremely high standards to provide excellent edge quality and never pursue speed at the expense of your product quality. We understand that reliability is key when arranging laser cutting services – you must be able to factor it in to your project and cannot have it on hold waiting for laser cut components to arrive. We also understand the importance of clear product marking and can laser etch your parts or even mark them using our Dot Peen system. Get in touch with us now to discuss your ongoing laser cutting needs and see where and how we can assist to give you the quality, reliability and value you require.


We can provide a fast turnaround for laser cutting services in Brisbane, but our speed will depend on the files you have available to us (DXF), and whether we have the material in stock or is available next day from our suppliers.

We laser cut flat sheet metal 3mx1.5m, up to 20mm thick for mild steel. Aluminum is up to 6mm and stainless up to 12mm. Note, our water jet cutter can cut up to 100mm.

We can blast your parts, machine them (including bevelling), besides all other in-house fabrication services namely folding and welding.

We need DXF files for parts.