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It is all too common to have a product that sees two or three companies before it’s ready for the customer. We understand that to satisfy customer demands for timely turn-around, you need to take unnecessary steps out of the picture, such as multiple company involvement, delivery or freight considerations and unreliability.

With 2 Amada Laser cutters we can cut sheets up to 3000 x 1500 x 20 mm, and with a recently installed Gemini Hi Def Plasma, with full milling and drilling capability, we can cut plates up to 12000 x 3000, at thicknesses exceeding 80mm. 

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Accurate & Clean Cutting

Plasma Cutting

A technology using an accelerated jet of hot plasma to cut through materials such as; steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper.  This is an effective process for cutting thick and thin materials alike, useful for cutting curved or angled shapes. Achieves a typical tolerance of +/- 2mm. Good for up to 100mm thick Steel.

With full milling and drilling on the machine, we can cut down on processes, saving cost and improving accuracy.


Not everything is flat

  • Laser Cutting does not have to be constrained only to sheet. Perhaps you have RHS, SHS or a pre-fabricated part which needs a unique shape in it and drilling or machining is too expensive. We can cut a range of sizes and have saved our customers thousands of machining dollars using our fast laser cutting capability.

Laser Cutting

This is a process which uses a laser as a precise method of cutting a design from metal plates.  We can achieve a high level of detail (typical tolerance +/- 0.2mm) on a wide variety of steels – Mild, Stainless, nickel alloys. Laser does have a limit which is usually the thickness of the material; MS 20mm, SS 12mm etc

Why Choose Frontline Manufacturing

Competitive Prices

We provide the best value in the industry for service/quality vs price, bar none

Faster Delivery

We keep latency in our schedule to help you get out of a bind when you really need it

Higher Quality

The standard of our tradespeople, our procedures, and our machines means we can provide the best cut finish in the market

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Tel : (07) 3805 8629

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