What are the main pros and cons of Laser Cutting Brisbane?

Laser Cutting Brisbane

Metal fabricators rely on cutting as one of their primary and most fundamental operations. As time progressed and technology improved, laser cutting surpassed previous ways of cutting jobs. Nevertheless, there are a few drawbacks as well. If you’re in need of fabrication, you’ll have a well-rounded grasp of laser cutting after reading this article, which covers the pros and cons of the procedure.

Pros of Laser Cutting

Because of its many advantages, laser cutting Brisbane is a popular choice among engineers. Below, you will examine a few of the most crucial ones: 

  • Flexibility 

It is not necessary to change tools for every cut when using a laser cutter. Time and effort are saved, and flexibility is gained since the same setting may cut several shapes from the same material thickness. Intricate cuts also don’t bother anybody.

  • Quick procedure 

For more intricate cuts or tasks, laser cutting is far quicker than the mechanical cutting technologies of yesteryear. Laser thermal cutting is the fastest option up to a thickness of around 10 mm, but it loses ground to plasma and flame cutting beyond that. However, the precise benefit will depend on the laser cutter’s power.

  • Automation 

Because current laser cutting equipment is so well-suited to automation, very little human intervention is required during the operation. The quality still heavily depends on skilled machine operators, such as our local metal fabricators.

Cons of Laser Cutting 

Though it’s utilised to create components for almost every sector, laser cutting Brisbane isn’t without its downsides. 

  • Upfront expenses 

Compared to waterjet or plasma cutters, the initial investment in laser cutting equipment might be twice as high. The initial investment in laser cutting technology is substantial, but the operating expenses and excellent efficiency more than compensate for it over time. 

  • Fume release 

The ability to cut a variety of materials is a great advantage of laser cutting. Unfortunately, the thermal cutting procedure often results in the release of harmful vapours and glasses. This becomes very important when working with plastic. Consequently, a well-designed, often costly, ventilation system is essential for ensuring a safe work environment.


There are many more uses for laser cutters beyond cutting. Additionally, they are capable of laser marking, which has several benefits in producing commonplace items. Lastly, the technique works well with many types of profiles. Materials that may be processed with tube laser cutting include open channels and box sections.